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Since the covid-19 bear market bottomed on 3/23, the S&P 500 has increased by 60%. The bounce-back has been significant in breadth and trajectory.

Today, Biden’s first business day as President-Elect is being welcomed by Main Street and Wall Street alike. Biden’s Blastoff appears to have been ignited by the lessening of election anxiety and the possibility/probability that a coronavirus vaccine may be in the offing, sooner rather than later.

President Elect-Biden has spoken clearly that his foremost mandate is to lead a United America. That he will serve all people as our future leader, instead of just serving one political base. America is diverse and open to possibility. I pray that his term in office proves to be the tailwind that enables everyone a fair chance to achieve the American Dream of freedom, financial well-being, health, safety, and endless opportunity.

Biden Blastoff 1