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Standard Account Type Descriptions
Descriptions of standard accounts and required documentation and forms.

New Account Forms

New Account Application
New application for ALL types of retail accounts. The account owner(s) should also include a copy of their current driver’s license or government issued identification such as a passport. Those account owners who are not U.S. residents will need to complete Form W-8.

Updated Information for Existing Accounts
For use by existing clients who wish to update their financial information and/or investment objectives.

Margin Agreement
Account owners wishing to establish a margin account must also download the Truth in Lending Letter and Margin Disclosure Statement. This disclosure document should be carefully reviewed prior to initiating a transaction on margin.

Truth in Lending Letter and Margin Disclosure Statement
Information concerning charges on extended credit and margin disclosure risk statement.

Option Agreement
Authorizes the account to trade options. All option investors must also download and review the Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options disclosure document. Any investor wishing to engage in uncovered writing strategies should contact 1DB at the above number to receive additional disclosure documentation.

Partnership or Investment Club Account Application
A partnership is an account for two or more account owners who have an established partnership agreement. An investment club is a group of individual investors who pool their money and make joint investment decisions. A copy of the partnership agreement is required at account opening.

Partnership Account Agreement
A partnership is an account for two or more account owners who have an established partnership agreement. An investment club is a group of individual investors who pool their money and make joint investment decisions. A copy of the partnership agreement is required at account opening.This form is used in conjunction with the Investment Club/Partnership form. It is an agreement between the Partnership & the Clearing Firm.

Corporate Certificate for Cash Account
Certificate to open a cash account for a corporation. The account owner(s) must also furnish a copy of the entity’s corporate resolution.

Corporate Certificate for Margin Account
Authorizes trading in securities and permits margin transactions, options and short sales for a corporation.

Limited Liability Company Agreement
Agreement for LLC’s (Limited Liability Company).

Limited Liability Company (LLC)
An LLC is a type of business organization, recognized as a legal form of business in most states, combining features of a corporation and a partnership. Treated as a partnership, an LLC provides its organizers with liability protection from claims and lawsuits similar to a corporation, and its owners are taxed as individuals. Account owners will be required to complete a Non-Corporate Resolution and provide a copy of the LLC agreement at the time the account is opened.

Corporate Resolution
For opening corporate accounts.

Estate Account
An estate account includes the ownership rights or claims to property, both real estate and personal property, at the time of death. The total of a person’s assets passes to his/her heirs, according to the terms of a will, or is disposed of at the discretion of a probate court if no will is left. Executors or administrators of the estate will be required to provide a Certificate of Appointment or Letter of Testamentary, a copy of the death certificate and an Affidavit of Domicile at account opening.

Trustee Certification of Investment Powers
Certificate for all trust accounts. Account owners should also provide a copy of the trust document with this certification.

Joint Account Agreement for Tenants in Common
Agreement for Tenants in Common accounts. Account owners can designate ownership percentage of interest in the account. Upon the death of an owner, the deceased’s interest is passed to his or her estate. Non-resident aliens are not eligible for this account type.

Joint Account Agreement for JTWRO
Joint account agreement (with rights of survivorship).

Joint Account Agreement for Tenants by Entirety
Tenants by Entirety is a special type of joint property ownership that is allowed only between a husband and wife. It is not recognized in all states. Tenants by Entirety automatically have rights of survivorship. The surviving spouse immediately becomes the sole owner of the property when the other spouse dies.

Community Property Account Agreement
Agreement for Community Property accounts only. Account owners must be a married couple and live in a community property state. Tenants have equal rights to the assets and their appreciated value. They are also equally liable for account losses. Community property states are Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin. Non-resident aliens are not eligible for this account type.

Institutional Account Application
For DVP / RVP Accounts. Institutional owners should call 1DB to receive information for setting up an institutional account.

Sole Proprietorship Form
A sole proprietorship account is for an unincorporated, single-owner business in which the owner and the owner’s company are considered a single entity for tax and liability purposes. This form is to confirm the individual as sole proprietor of a business account. Completion of a non-corporate resolution is also required at account opening.

TOD Form
Transfer on Death is a form of ownership that enables an account owner, while retaining all normal rights of ownership during his/her lifetime, to designate an individual(s) who will automatically become the account owner(s) upon the death of the current owner. The ownership of the account passes directly to the designated beneficiary(s) outside of probate. During the lifetime of the owner(s), the beneficiary has no rights in, to or with respect to the security or any dividends or interest paid. The beneficiary(s) on a TOD registration can only be natural persons. The TOD registration format can only be used for: (1) sole owner accounts for natural persons, and (2) natural persons holding the account as joint owners with rights of survivorship. TOD registration is not available for non-natural persons (e.g., corporations, trusts, etc), tenants in common or community proper registrations.

Entity Account Due Diligence Questionnaire
To be completed by the Registered Representative for any new Entity account.

Entity New Account Application & Agreement
New account application for LLCs, Corporations and Partnerships, etc. The authorized officers must provide a copy of their government issued identification such as a driver’s license or passport. Those authorized officers who are not U.S. residents will need to complete Form W-8.

Entity Account Update Form
For use by existing Entity clients who wish to update their financial information and/or investment objectives.

Transfer Forms

Account Transfer Form
For those who wish to transfer their account from other brokerage firms or mutual fund companies to 1st Discount.

IRA Forms

FINRA-IRA Rollover Tips
For employer-sponsored retirement plans such as 401(k) and 403(b).

Traditional IRA Application
Simplified Employee Pension – Individual Retirement Accounts Contribution Agreement. The following types of accounts should use this agreement:

  • A Traditional IRA (also called a contributory IRA) can be established by an individual to save money for retirement. Up to $6,500 if you’re over 50 or less $5,500 if you’re under 50.
  • A Rollover (non-contributory) IRA is designed as a holding account for funds distributed from an employer’s qualified retirement plan such as a 401(k) or 403(b). Moving funds into a Rollover IRA allows the account owner to place the funds into another qualified retirement plan in the future.
  • A SEP IRA is for self-employed individuals and for use by small companies for qualified employees. SEP IRA contributions cannot exceed the lesser of 25% of the employee’s compensation or $51,000.

Custodial SEP IRA Agreement.

Form 5305 SEP IRAs
IRS Form needed with application for SEP IRAs.

SIMPLE IRA Application & Agreement (375)
A SIMPLE IRA is an employer-operated savings plan that features employee tax-deferred contributions and matching contributions by the employer. Employers with 100 or fewer eligible employees who do not maintain another retirement plan are eligible to establish a SIMPLE IRA. The amount the employee contributes to a SIMPLE IRA cannot exceed $11,500 in 2012 ($12,000 in 2013).

Form 5304 SIMPLE IRAs
IRS Form needed with application for SIMPLE IRA Accounts.

Roth IRA Application & Agreement (US 376)
A Roth IRA is similar to a Traditional IRA. However, while contributions to a Traditional IRA may be tax-deductible and withdrawals are taxed, contributions to a Roth IRA are taxed, but qualified withdrawals are federal tax-free. After a Roth IRA has been in existence for five years, withdrawals are not taxable if, 1) the account owner turns 59 1/2 years old, 2) the withdrawal (up to $10,000) is used for the first-time purchase of a home, 3) the account owner is disabled or 4) the account owner is deceased.

Custodial Education Savings Account Agreement
Education IRA account adoption agreement. The Coverdell ESA is a savings plan created for the purpose of paying a student’s qualified educational expenses. Contributions to a Coverdell ESA are not tax-deductible. Distributions from a Coverdell ESA may be tax-free (must be used to pay for qualified educational expenses). The maximum contribution per year is $2,000.

Custodial Education Distribution Form
Education IRA account distribution request.

Beneficiary Designation Form
Form used to change beneficiaries on IRA accounts. Use this form to update the beneficiary on your retirement account (IRA). The beneficiary(s) you designate will receive payment of the value of your account following your death.

IRA Distribution Form
For Total or Partial Distributions from Retirement Accounts (IRA accounts).

Roth IRA Distribution Form
For Total or Partial Distributions from Roth Retirement Account.

IRA Journal Request Form & Deposit Slip
This form should be used for funds coming into the Retirement Account.

Direct Conversion Request
Form to convert Traditional or SIMPLE IRA to a Roth IRA.

IRA Deposit Slip
This form should be used for depositing funds into a retirement account.

Other Forms

Journal Request Form
Form to transfer Cash or Securities between existing accounts.

Sweep Program Enrollment Form & Disclosure
Instructions for enrolling in the FDIC Money Fund.

Address Change Form
To request a change of address, phone number or email.

Wire Out Request Form
Form for Wiring Out Funds.

Apex Select Application & Agreement
Form to enroll into an Apex Select account.

Dividend Reinvestment Authorization
Authorizes reinvestment of dividends on individual stocks for all applicable securities held in a brokerage account.

W-9 Form
To add or change a social security or tax ID number of an existing account.

Stock Power Form
Can be filled out and signed as an alternative to endorsing an actual certificate when transferring ownership to another individual or when the security will be sold.

ACH (Automated Clearing House) Agreement
Agreement for all accounts to set up ACH. This facility allows account owners greater flexibility in transferring funds into and out of their brokerage and bank accounts. There are no set up or usage fees for this service.

Householding Agreement
Clients with multiple accounts at 1st Discount receive all their statements in one monthly envelope.

Affidavit of Domicile
Affidavit of Domicile for all accounts when needed. This document is completed by the executor of an estate to certify the decedent’s place of residence at the time of death. Before securities can be transferred from an estate, it must be verified that no liens exist against them in the home state of the decedent.

Limited Trading Authorization Form
Limited trading authorization gives a designated person the power to place orders in an account and/or to make inquiries concerning the account, such as obtaining account balances, but not to request disbursements.

Deposit Securities Request Form
For bulletin board, pink sheet & unregistered securities.

Free Delivery Form
Free delivery request form.

Penny for Lot for Brokers
Broker instructions & acknowledgment.

Penny for Lot for Customers
Customer instructions & acknowledgment.

Firm Brochure Documents

Part 2A
Firm Brochure – ADV Part 2A.

Part 2A Appendix 1
Wrap Fee Program Brochure

Robo Advisory Part 2A
Robo Advisory Part 2A Firm Brochure.

Robo Advisory Part 2A Appendix 1
Robo Advisory Part 2A Appendix 1 – Wrap Fee Program Brochure