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Everyone Needs a Partner!


Everyone needs a partner! Capital is that partner. Capital has proven to have been a reliable and rewarding partner, historically! Capital works for you. It is always on the clock, never tardy or absent, and shows up 365 days a year, including holidays, and pandemics. Whew! That’s what I call an ultramarathon worker for certain!

Since 1970, capital equally invested in residential housing, equities, and bonds has grown around 7% a year including appreciation, interest, and dividends. During this same period wages and salaries have increased at a rate of about 6%. So, what I am suggesting is to put your money to work side-by-side with your hard labor by way of human insight and financial technology. 1db.com’s digital advisory solution professionally manages your money and invests in leading stocks, bonds, and real estate, globally.

Our #fintech enables the masses to invest like the classes. Save and invest in yourself. The best time to save for the future is the present! Put your capital to work. The minimum is $1.