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For investors with substantial wealth, how are your investment firm and financial advisor directing your monies during this dual-threat of invasion and inflation?

Markets are fluid. There are times that financial markets mosey along in seemingly forward progression, mainly when bolstered by fiscal and monetary stimulus. During these periods, investors enjoy the ride as the economy expands, unemployment falls, and wealth increases – the Goldilocks Era when economic growth and price stability are neither “too hot, nor too cold – that is, just right.”

Well, Goldilocks porridge is no longer “just right.” It is “scalding hot!”

Wealthy investors may remember well the “Greenspan Put,” the “Bernanke Put,” and now the “Powell Put,” but with inflation running scalding hot, the “Powell Put” could be kaput! If inflation is not tamed in short order and continues to erode consumers’ purchasing power, how will Chair Powell protect investors from falling asset prices?

There are blue-chip companies that are financially strong, led by bright, seasoned well-equipped management teams that have deep motes that enable them to garner relative market share and profitability. Some of these companies are buying back their stock, some substantially. Did you know that a few leading public companies have repurchased over 40% of their outstanding stock over the past decade?

Now what? Perhaps, it is times like these that “defense” may prove to be the best “offense” when it comes to preserving and making money over the long haul. As prices fall, there are opportunities, perhaps even the “Buyback Put.”

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