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In short, Q1-2020 was the fifth-worst quarter for the stock market since the ending of World War II. The S&P 500 cratered 35.4% from its 2/19-3/23 top-to-bottom in a blistering 33 days. So, has the market reached the lows in this NASCAR Bear Market, or is there more pain on the horizon? History has shown long-term investors that generally dreadful quarters that end badly do not have to remain that way. Since 1945, there have been six quarters showing losses greater than 18%; one year later, the total returns, including dividends, were all in the plus category, with median favorable results of 25.9%. The market has bounced 20% off its 3/23 intraday low, will it hold? At some point, perhaps sooner than later. No one has any idea what tomorrow will bring, and still, I believe the best days of our lives are in front of us. Stay healthy & thrive.